SuperFlow AutoDyn 880 AWD Dyno

The Performance Factory is excited to invite you to take advantage of our AWD Dyno, capable of running almost any sports car or coupe (and trucks) on the road! We offer various packages to suit your power and tuning needs. Our dyno can accomodate vehicles with wheelbases of 92″ thru 118″. Longer or shorter 2WD vehicles (such as some trucks, legends race cars, etc.) can be run by using only the drive axle on the roller drums.

  • 1500+ HP (traction limited)
  • 200mph top speed
  • Dual axle with four 42″ diameter roller drums
  • Direct drive dual eddy-current absorbers
  • Front & rear rollers are connected, accomodates modern vehicles with speed, traction, and ABS sensors
  • Independently measure torque for each roll set (front/rear power split)
  • AWD Wheel bases from 92″ to 118″
  • Longer 2WD vehicles can run using only the drive axle
  • Track widths from 40″ inner to 84″ outer

The Performance Factory Difference

The Performance Factory invested in the BEST you can get in dyno technologies and houses an indoor in-ground SuperFlow AutoDyn 800 All Wheel Drive dynamometer.  With 4 individual 42″ weighted rollers and separate eddy-brake system, our AWD dyno is ready for  virtually any vehicle on the road today.  We can dyno FWD, RWD, and AWD vehicles; and the fact that the front and rear rollers are coupled means that modern day vehicles speed and traction control sensors will not trigger error codes.

Since 2007, we have been rolling cars on and off the dyno almost daily!  We have strapped down everything from a 97 hp Honda Fit to a 1300+ foot-pound turbo diesel truck, and everything in between including late model AWD Porsches, Audis, and Mitsubishis, old school Camaros, Mustangs, and Novas, and even some of the local race teams with their Legends cars and such!  Check out our pictures here and on our various media pages like Facebook, Flickr, and Youtube for pictures and videos of cars that have been on our dyno.

Our technicians have experience in a broad range of vehicle platforms and tuning means, from jetting carbs and tweaking timing to add 50 horses to old school muscle to piggy-back and full standalone engine management systems with fuel, timing, and boost maps.

Why have a dyno? It is a tuning tool for us – we can drive the car across the full range of speeds and RPMs in all gears and accurately log that data against boost, air-fuel ratios, knock, coolant temps, etc. It gives a manged and controlled environment to dial in your vehicle’s performance with your desires: whether it be a street car or all out race car! We can do “before and after” comparisons so you know exactly how much power you gained from particular modifications or tuning adjustments. We can R&D new products to know their benefits. All of this in the safety of our dyno bay, not careening down the streets at 90 endangering lives and your vehicle!


Dyno Pre-Inspection

All vehicles must complete and pass a “dyno pre-inspection” before we will put it on the dyno. This is to ensure the safety of the dyno and operator and also your vehicle, as operating the vehicle on the dyno typically involves running the vehicle at its maximum RPMs, high engine and drivetrain speeds, etc.  Please download the Dyno Pre-Inspection Form below so you know what we will be checking – we recommend you complete this checklist before bringing your car to be dyno’d so you will know of any potential issues before coming and avoid any delays due to issues.


AWD Dyno Rates & Packages