The Performance Factory Difference

Our company has successfully been in business since 2000, and our parts department has customers in 99 countries worldwide!

The Performance Factory is your one-stop source for all things engine related. With technicians’ experience ranging from serving on professional race teams, welding and fabrication schooling, and histories in a variety of automotive brands, the “We Manufacture Horsepower” is now the prevailing theme! And our AWD chassis dyno, ASE, AEM, Cobb, EFI-Live, and other tuning experience means we can tune almost anything as well!

Our pride comes from delivering the best customer experience and treating our relationship with customers as a partnership. We are with you every step of the way: planning, budgeting, and execution. We are here to help you achieve your specific horsepower and vehicle use goals, no matter your objectives or vehicle. We don’t cut corners or “just make it work”, so you can be confident that your service will be done as best as possible.


Engine Building

Our facility and technicians are ready for building your engine – whether dropping in a crate motor or planning and building your setup from a simple stock rebuild to a fully customized engine taking into consideration crank, rods, pistons, heads, cams, etc. Whether a classic domestic pushrod or modern turbo-charged overhead cam engine, we have the knowledge and experience to build your car the way you want it.

Dyno Tuning

The Performance Factory invested in the BEST you can get in dyno technologies and houses an indoor in-ground SuperFlow AutoDyn 800 All Wheel Drive dynamometer.  With 4 individual 42″ weighted rollers and separate eddy-brake system, our AWD dyno is ready for  virtually any vehicle on the road today.  We can dyno FWD, RWD, and AWD vehicles; and the fact that the front and rear rollers are coupled means that modern day vehicles speed and traction control sensors will not trigger error codes.

We have experience in a wide range of tuning softwares and vehicle platforms. Check out our Dyno Tuning page for more details.

Cars on lifts

Performance Upgrades

We are your destination for parts installation! From brakes and suspension to fuel systems and exhausts, we can source and install just about any performance part for your ride. We are a distributor for most major brands and manufacturers, covering domestic and import models, and have years of experience installing these parts. Plus we have the dyno in house to make sure you get the MOST out of your upgrades!

Factory Maintenance / Scheduled Service

Every car needs a little loving to keep going. While not everything is about power and upgrades, sometimes you just need work to keep your car going. We can do the basics as well: ball joints, brakes, intakes, air conditioning, 15k/30/60k/etc scheduled services, water pump, timing belts/chains, plugs and wires, and MORE! Just give us a call at 704-784-3724 for a quote.

Powder Coating

Powder Coating

We have 2 ovens and a rainbow of colors ready to coat your parts!  From wheels, suspension arms, bike frames, and more, we can get your parts the color you want.  Please email pictures and details of items you want coated and we will get you a quote.

Nitrous FIlling Station

We are ready to fill your nitrous bottles. Bring them pre-chilled, or drop them off and we will pre-freeze the bottle for maximum nitrousness! The colder it is, the more we can stuff in there, and the more chances you get to take down the other guy.

Nitrous Oxide
VP Racing Q16 Racing Fuel

VP Racing Gas

We are an authorized distributor for VP Racing Fuels and keep a variety in stock in the 5-gallon cans. Please call for current stock and pricing